Mediso Medical Imaging System

MEDISO is an SME, have been working in the field of nuclear and molecular medicine since 1990 with a profile of development, manufacturing, sales and servicing of multi-modality in-vivo imaging systems. The company offers complete solutions from hardware design to evaluation and quantification software, both for clinical patient care and high-level life science research into all animal models in between rodents and primates.

MEDISO has an extensive experience in development of molecular imaging devices for both clinical and preclinical applications. Our current preclinical product family (nanoScan®) integrates four imaging modalities: SPECT, PET, CT and MRI on a homogeneous platform enabling their seamless combination in multimodality devices. In the clinical product line the AnyScan family was launched in 2007 with a dual headed general purpose SPECT, combined with a  16 slice CT. This became a very successful product quickly, and in 2008 MEDISO received the entrepreneurial company of the year award from Frost&Sullivan, in the field of medical imaging.

Following the success of the multiple pinhole technology in preclinical imaging, MEDSIO decided to design a high performance clinical SPECT system, the AnyScan TRIO. It combines three large detectors with the proprietary and patented (US2015115161 / WO2014033489) multiple pinhole collimation technique developed in preclinical imaging. The systems runs a Monte Carlo based iterative SPECT reconstruction with all corrections necessary for quantitative imaging, therefore it provides an ideal research platform of imaging patients and potentially large animals.

Research interests

The business strength and perspective of Mediso is based on its R&D activity. To keep production on the leading edge continuous development of new products is a must. The company’s declared aim is to develop competitive Nuclear Medicine and Hybrid Imaging equipment applying the most up-to-date technology. More than 50% of Mediso employees are engaged with R&D. (75% of Mediso employees hold higher academic degrees.)

A number of co-operations have been formed with hospitals, clinics and scientific institutions ensuring that the developed technology is in accordance with the needs of Mediso’s clinical partners.

Dr. Gábor Németh

Dr. Gábor Németh

Dr. Gábor Németh R&D Program Director at MEDISO responsible for the development of the nanoScan preclinical product family with background in general medicine and in electrical engineering (BSc). Since 2005 he was involved in the development of all preclinical products of the company including the NanoSPECT/CT and the NanoPET/CT and all nanoScan products. He is also responsible to establish strategic collaborations and transferring new imaging technologies required. He is involved in all EU funded projects and he serves as an expert evaluator and reviewer under FP7 and Horizon 2020.